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A Book Signing and, yes, we the authors will be there.

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A Woman in Germany was found alive and well this week, 30 years after she was believed to be murdered.  

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Several coincidences to our story. . . but we wrote ours first.

If you were to disappear for 30 years, how would you do it?

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What does this picture mean to you?

How does it fit into the novel?

(This is Picasso - young woman in a mirror)

Jamie and Jon have updated their biographies.  Please check it out!
We have cross-referenced the pictures on our website with the relevant page in our book.  We hope this will help you visualize the scenes better.
Jamie and I wrote this book over about 4 years.  There were starts and stops and some long pauses. There were disagreements and compromises.  Overall it was much like running a marathon without training first.  We are over the finish line but boy are we exhausted.

For an interesting perspective on first drafts follow this link:  FIRST DRAFT.  It is funny because it is so true
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This is the tattoo on the shoulder of the woman found dead in the tower.

What is wrong with this tattoo?

Can you figure out what it means?